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February 9th- 12th In Fort Worth, Texas

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Why Is Uprising The BEST

Transformational Event for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Growth Minded People

(Hint: 95% of Your Reality is Unconscious and it’s likely blocking you from your next level success..)

AJ Amyx

Argyle, Texas

Dear Entrepreneur,
Consider this: 
  • You don't think about gravity when you catch.
  • You don't think about walking when you walk. 
  • You don't “believe” you exist when you live.
Because those things are automatic.

Your entire life (especially as a child) - your brain has stopped using your precious resources to think about millions of things and just decided things were true.

If it didn’t do this, you would be so overwhelmed trying to process so much much information.
But this comes with a huge drawback.

Not everything your unconscious automates actually helps you anymore.   

In fact, part of you is automatically stuck.

So if you ever find yourself not doing what you want to do…

Or find yourself doing what you don’t want to do…

It’s not because you have limiting beliefs.

A lack of willpower.

Or because you’re lazy.

It’s simply because your unconscious programming is clashing with your conscious desires...

And the bad news?

It’s like a tide you can’t swim against. 

Because your unconscious filters are more present and powerful than your willpower.

(If you didn’t catch the hint from earlier, 95% of your processing is dedicated to your unconscious!)

Even worse, most people don’t even KNOW what their unconscious programming is!

Think about it...

You absolutely have unconscious stories about people...
  • Yourself
  • Money
  • Love
  • ​Success
  • ​God
  • ​Purpose and Worth

And no matter how hard you try to wrestle and "reprogram" your mindset - it's all a waste unless you discover, experience and integrate your unique unconscious filters.

This is why so much of personal development and personal growth feels like you’re trying to fight the same battle over and over…

If those filters aren’t addressed, everything else you learn is simply stacking stuff on top of a bad foundation.

It might work for a few weeks...but a few months later - you’re back hitting the same obstacles. 

But it doesn't have to stay that way...

Because when you locate and rewire your unconscious programming, you’ll unlock your success in every area of your life at an exponential speed.

In fact.

It might feel like magic.

Even better...

The very process of discovering and integrating your unconscious gives you superpowers to skyrocket your success.

That’s why we’ve spent the last 5 years handcrafting a fine-tuned experience that has one purpose...

Giving you New Imprinting Experiences that will rewire your Unconscious and catapult you into your next level of life and business (Guaranteed).

We call it...


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Why Uprising Works

Julie went to the inspirational, ra-ra seminars…and while she left feeling “high on life”…two weeks later she was back into her normal patterns.

It’s no wonder she thought personal development events didn’t work long term.

But what she didn’t understand is… 

Most Events don't address your automatic (and unconscious) behavior.
They put too many of the wrong people in a room without enough one-on-one attention to do what’s required to go this deep.

So we decided Uprising works differently. 

We keep our events small (15 people max), every attendee has a personalized plan developed one-on-one with us going in, and the entire event addresses your unconscious “Ways of Being” at the event so you have lasting transformation. 

This takes way more work (on our part) - but the results are not only exponentially better for you and the rest of your life - the results LAST. 

Julie also didn’t realize…
Most Events focus on teaching you more information and mental concepts.

Julie had spent years of her life reading the books, going to the seminars and completely immersing herself in self-help material.

But she didn’t understand to truly modify behavior, beliefs and results - you must go deeper than the mental and conceptual level. 

Think about it…

You already KNOW what to do. You just struggle doing it.  
Adding to what you “KNOW” doesn’t help. 

It can actually hurt your self belief.

People need to learn experientially, so they EMBODY their transformation. 

Not just THINK about their transformation.  

This requires an entirely new approach of breakthrough, which transforms you on an experiential level. So you have an EXPERIENCE instead of a mental thought.

You want less information and more meaningful experiences to anchor your transformation.

So at Uprising, we anchor your breakthroughs with experiential learning. 

The other reason Julie felt stuck and stalled out was…
The events she attended relied on motivation and spiritual bypassing to give her a "state" high, and set her up for failure the minute the "high" couldn’t be maintained.

Let’s get real and raw for a second…

Motivation and spiritual highs are nice...but real life includes the ups and the downs. 

If you’re not equipped with how to handle the storms of life - then every time you face a storm you’ll think you should just control your state and be happy at happy at worst...or be incapacitated and lose momentum at best. 
The real world is messy. 

It requires taking things to the mat of life and relationships to train. Events should equip you for your lows. Not just give you a state high and tell you to maintain it indefinitely.

(Because you can’t and shouldn’t). 

So we created Uprising to equip you to navigate life when it’s not sunshine and rainbows and your state is “low”.  

How Are Your Going to Navigate the Looming Recession?

There’s a lot of stress and pressure to take on as an entrepreneur…

In fact, the majority of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health issues like ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, addiction, depression or anxiety.

And while Motivational Speakers are busy trying to get entrepreneurs to buckle down and use more willpower to navigate the uncertainty and looming recession…

Most hardworking entrepreneurs like you don’t even know about this virtually unknown transformational process…

And they’re missing out on being the Soul in Control…

Simply because their parents, churches and educational systems didn’t teach them what we teach at this event.
If you’ve been to other personal development events and still feel behind or don’t feel you are as far along in life as you should be…it’s NOT your fault.

That’s because most personal development systems are based on “fixing” you, which actually creates more inadequacy deep inside you.

They set you up for failure because you keep chasing a horizon of success that keeps moving.

Uprising is totally different…
It’s a NEW process for transformation.

It’s all about connecting you to who you truly are and integrating all the pieces and parts of you back into wholeness.

It’s about getting you into a place of having nothing to prove or defend to no person or even God.

Which in turn levels you up in every area of your life and business.

Not to mention a new sense of freedom regardless of what’s going on in the economy.

Just looked what happened with Donnie, from Idaho.
He generated almost $1Millon in revenue in his coaching business a year and half after attending Uprising.

Imagine if something like this happened to you…

That’s 50 times MORE money than the top 10% of Americans make in a year.

No wonder Donnie was able to buy his dream home and enjoy time with his family in Idaho…
And now, instead of worrying about money or what the economy is going to do, he says:

…he has the real tools that he can use “when life hits hard.”

Mark Your Calendars!

In fact, I want you to mark February 9th on your calendar…

Because This Single Event Is About to Catapult 15 People Into Their Next level of Success In Every Single Area Of Their Life (Guaranteed).

Click or Hit the “I Want to Be” Button Above And We’ll Talk With You To Explore If You’re A Good Fit.

It’s No Secret That We Are In Unprecedented Times.

Inflation is on the rise…

Gas and food prices are through the roof…

Economists are predicting we’re headed for one of the worst recessions in history…

And fear is being amplified at an all time high.

Good people such as yourself…are trying to make sense of all this and feeling the PRESSURE.

The pressure on your pocket book.
The pressure on your kids.
The pressure on your family.
The pressure on YOU.
What your parents, schools and churches told you would work…is no longer working.

It can all start to feel OVERWHELMING and DEFEATING…

Especially if you feel like you have to “keep it all together”…

While trying to keep your kids, marriage and family in tact…

Or keep the business running smoothly.

But I’m Here to Tell You — 
The Unnecessary Business Stress…
The Sleepless Nights…And the Non-Stop Worrying… 
All of those feelings can finally be converted into FUEL for your potential when you come to Uprising 9.

That’s because Uprising is the ONE and ONLY transformational event for entrepreneurs to experience NEW money breakthroughs…NEW opportunities…NEW ways of Being…and NEW tools to transform their relationships and their lives forever!

Uprising is a fusion of everything that has worked for Jonathan and I over the last 10 years.

It’s handcrafted to collapse 10 or more years of your evolution so you can create exactly what you want to create in life. 

I want you to be able to…
Enjoy the Wealth, Life and Freedom You Deserve!

I’ve Been in Your Shoes.

When I started working on myself and doing personal development work…

I tried everything.

I read the books.
I went to the seminars.
I joined the masterminds.
I bought and implemented the courses.
I did the work.

I thought if I just worked hard enough and put in enough effort, I’d be free. 

Free to have the life and business that I would love waking up to everyday.

But it seemed like no matter how much work I put in…

No matter how many books I read…
No matter how many courses I bought…
No matter how many masterminds I attended…
No matter how much content I created…
No matter how much I spent on ads…
No matter how big I tried to grow the team…

…it never was enough.
The business was never as far along as I thought it should be.

My marriage was never as connected as I wanted it to be.

The world at large didn’t recognize my efforts or gifts as much as I thought it should.

But would you like to know what made the biggest difference? 

Doing the Inner Work - becoming aware of and integrating my unconscious.

Because you can want to be the best version of yourself all you want - but if you don’t do the work to rewire your unconscious, all your hard personal development work will feel like a hamster wheel.
I didn’t grow up with a lot money.

In fact, I grew up in a hard working, blue-collar family in East Texas who was just trying to survive.

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth.

Instead, I was taught to pull myself up by my bootstraps and pave my own path.

So the idea of Inner Work was counter-intuitive for someone like me…I thought that stuff was for airy-fairy, woo-woo hippies.

I didn’t understand success is a byproduct of not only the things you DO but also who you are BEING in the midst of all that you do.

That’s why doing the Inner Work is important.

Because you can only do so many of the right things before it becomes a game if diminishing returns.

I know what it’s like first hand trying to do everything you can to balance leading a business, being a spouse, being a parent and living life, while being committed to making your dreams a reality. 

I’m here to tell you - Unconscious work is the secret that can change YEARS of programming in just minutes.

Look what happened to Ginger…
Before attending Uprising, she was her own worst enemy.

After Uprising, she felt for the first time in her life, she discovered where the root of her limiting beliefs stemmed from and more importantly…

…she had the tools to use in life and business and shift her energy toward all that she felt God wanted for her to do in this life.

And if that’s not enough…

Look At What Past Participants Are Saying About Their Experience Of Uprising

More Individuals Share Their Own Experience...

"I've done many events and I've never experienced, seen or heard of anything like this...I shifted my entire identity"

"If you want to really shift, and not just experience a little high, just to go low again...this is definitely the place and AJ and Jonathan are the guys to lead you through that experience."

"I can't even begin to explain how much shifting has happened for me. Life changing is an Understatement"

"If you know AJ and Jonathan even a little bit...imagine 3.5 days of them giving you their gift. There is nothing to think about. Come experience this event."

"You deserve to at least give yourself a conversation about attending Uprising...I 100% recommend it."

"...knowing how to deal with conflict and struggle in such an evolved way...as a dad, husband, entrepreneur...I have a set of skills and tools. And it looks so much better than I could have imagined."

"I'm going home free of doubt, worry and baggage from my past. And it's the first time in 61 years I can say that."

"What I can guarantee you is, you will enter a circle of trust like nothing you've ever experienced. The coaches - AJ and Jonathan - they have magic about them that you don't want to miss out on."

"Uprising is the biggest gift you could give to yourself."

"A profound shift happened. I don't feel like I'm being suffocated anymore. I've tripled the capacity and my ability to expand. My ability to tap into myself has exponentially grown."

"The ability to deal with stress / friction...I feel equipped and more confident, clear and certain about what I desire."

"This is for the person who wants to understand themselves better. Their emotions, their relationships, their past, the baggage on their back...this is for you."

"Absolute clarity of purpose and how to source that purpose for myself, without needing anyone outside of myself."

"I feel like I'm the first instead of the last. Now I'm willing to put myself out there and get what I want. If you want results in your personal life...your business life...do this event. Go all in."

"If someone is struggling to heal past scars, grief or loss...this event will be like 20 years of therapy."

"I got increased confidence in myself, professionally and personally. I have changed in my ability to own and and love all of myself, to trust my desires and how to not fear being alone and misunderstood."

"I'm at $30,000 a month in revenue and even saved myself from spending $20,000."

"Understanding the Drama Triangle was huge for me. It helped me with my clients, saved me $20,000 and gave me a lot more confidence. I know know...I got this."

"I feel like a whole new person. I feel like that whole person that was in there is back!"

"I let go of my paralyzing fear of "If people will like me or not. I didn't even know I had. I see things clearer now. I now know I can launch my business and am ready to go."

"My biggest takeaway was understanding why I wasn't taking action."

"You helped me get clear on what was really holding me back and overcome it. I had a lot of mindset stuff holding me back. I really value that you called me on my stuff and helped me overcome it very quickly."

"I feel more confident, see my worth and understand myself more now."

"Now when I talk with my husband, I can talk about my feelings and really expressing myself, rather than going into my shell. I found myself not caring what others thought about things now and am taking on more of that "Goddess" role, which is a big deal for me."

"I now know who I am and who I serve. It was like working Voodoo Magic."

"I gained skills to be able to have tough conversations with my family members and my wife. I learned how to be truly open and honest with everyone around me. I can know better connect with my wife. I also have more clarity and certainty in my message."

"I am definitely more confident and know what people say doesn't effect me."

"I'm glad I had the experience working with you, because without it I would have lost my mind. I learned how to separate me from other people. I used to be a people pleaser and now I'm not."
How Does It Work?
FOUR Full Days of Experiential Learning

Designed to Help You Unlock 
New Levels of Freedom, Purpose and success
Now, I know what you may be thinking…

“Sounds great, AJ. But how does it work?”

That’s a great question.

We blend the techniques of Talk Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Breathwork, Meditation, and Ancient Wisdom into a FOUR DAY Experience that shifts who you are at a cellular and unconscious level.

I know most events can tell you what’s going to happen hour-by-hour.

But this event is different. 

It’s not an event where you go sit in a hotel room and learn a whole bunch of information.

This event is an experience.

The event starts at 9am CST Sharp on Thursday, August 25th. And ends at 5pm CST on Sunday, August 28th.
For 4 days, you will live in a beautiful, historic mansion in Fort Worth, Texas. All of your food is prepared by a world-class chef and you’ll embark upon a journey that will revolutionize and rewire your entire Being at a cellular level.

We lead you on a path of…
  • Shifting Your Way of Being
  • Encoding Your Relationships with Others
  • Increasing Your Thermostat for How Good Can You Stand It
  • ​Creating Quantum Level Results
Lots of events are linear. This one is not.

It has a series of ups and downs, just like Life.

We wanted to created an experience that simulated life so that you are equipped with NEW tools and skillsets to transform your entire life and business.
So while I cannot give you a detailed play-by-play (that would kind of be like giving away the movie before you watch it)…

…I can tell you, we follow a time-proven map, where for FOUR full days you’ll be rubbing shoulders with like-minded people who are committed to being their best selves and creating their best lives…

Having endless “breakthrough” moments…

Rewiring your body and nervous system at a cellular level…

And experiencing a connection with self and others that is unmatched.

This is where the top 1% go to receive some of the biggest transformations of their life…

What about you?

How about this…

I don’t want you to believe me.

Don’t believe any of the promises I made to you on this page.

Come to Fort Worth and see for yourself.

Let’s say I’m wrong…

Let’s say you come to Fort Worth and don’t get a “smidgen” of transformation that changes your entire life and business in an instant…

Or don’t get a single insight that could be the missing puzzle piece for having everything you’ve ever wanted…

If I’m wrong, then you’d get your money back, and you will have GAINED a nice trip to the cowboy capital of Texas.

But what if I’m right?

When You Come to Fort Worth,

You’ll Have the RARE Chance To…

  • Uncover the #1 WAY to Transcend Your Limiting Beliefs About Business, Money and Success so you can finally feel what it’s like to be UNSTOPPABLE!
  • Learn How to Face Any Storm Life Throws at You so life and business becomes fun and easy again!
  • Get on the Fastest Path to Healing the Stuff that Has Leaked Your Energy, Confidence and Power without spending 10 years in therapy.
  • Deconstruct the Drama Entanglements that Hold You Back so that You Reduce Conflict by 50% and become a better leader and parent.
  • Decode Your Ancient Encoding so you unlock more riches and how good life can be, no matter what’s going on in the world around you.
  • Get the Secrets for Uncovering Your Purpose and tapping into the guiding force that governs your life.
  • ​Build Deeply Connected Relationships With Like-Minded People

AND Soooooooo Much More!

Four Full Days of Non-Stop LEVELING UP.

It’s All Happening In a 117 Acre Estate In

Fort Worth, Texas!

You’ll Get the Rare Chance to Collapse Decades of Transformation Into Days…

And Experience Epiphanies That Will Transform Your Entire Life In An Instant.


Click or Hit the “I Want to Be” Button Above And We’ll Talk With You To Explore If You’re A Good Fit.

Give me just four days in Fort Worth and my team and I will personally remove the barriers blocking you from being your greatest self in EVERY area of your life - not just one.

Including Transforming Your Relationship With…
  • Purpose, Motivation and Drive.

  • ​Fun, Fulfillment and Peace.

  • ​Yourself, Your Self Worth and Desires.
  • ​Your Husband/Wife or Partner.
  • ​Your Kids.

  • ​Your Health.

  • ​Your Clients, Money and Business.

  • ​The World Events at Large.
This type of deep work is one of the most efficient and effective ways to upgrade your entire life.

And it’s all happening in Fort Worth, Texas…

On February 9th to the 12th, 2023!

Experience Four Jam-Packed Days of Real Transformation So You Can Finally Have the Thriving Life and Business You Deserve!

Is It Really Worth It?

I want you to imagine…

Surrounding yourself with other like-minded people who are fully committed to living their best life.

Imagine witnessing them have one of the biggest breakthroughs of their life that changes everything for them…and BAM!

It ends up being the “missing piece” to helping you unapologetically be all of you and leading your family, friends and business with certainty.

Imagine receiving an upgrade to your Way of Being so you can have the life and business you want.

A life where you feel supported by God, Universe, Spirit (whatever you call that).

A business where you feel free to simply be you.

A life where you feel safe to fully express yourself and share your voice with the world.

A business that generates sales REGARDLESS of the economic climate.

I know what you’re thinking…

“AJ, there is no way you can make those promises…surely you’re hyping this event up. How can you ensure that it will work for me?”

The reason I KNOW it will work for you and your business is because it’s already worked for every single person who’s completed the previous Uprising events!

So Let Me Shoot You Straight And Just Say it —

“Attending Uprising 9 Is the FASTEST WAY To Achieve a Life and Business You Love in 2022 and Beyond!”

Of Course, There’s The Other Option…

The option where you could do it all alone.

Where you keep on trying to follow everything your parents, schools and churches told you to do.

But both you and I know that option is the definition of insanity.

(Doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.)

Plus, it can often lead to costly and unnecessary pain and suffering because you never learn a new way of Being and Doing life.

And with all the pain and suffering being amplified by the media right now, do you really want to experience more?

Save yourself the grief of “figuring it out” all by yourself…the headache and stress of not getting the results you want…

…and come to Uprising 9!

You’ll learn from the best of the best in transformational coaching.

The people who have spent the money and learned the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

“What Are The Details And How Can I Attend?”

Great question.

We don’t let people attend the Uprising without first having a 60-90 minute exploratory conversation discussing exactly where you’re at and where you would like to go.

When we get clear on how the Uprising will serve you during that conversation, and both of us feel it’s a fit - we’ll make an invitation to you.
If we don’t feel it’s a fit, we will point you to what we feel would be a fit for your situation at the end of the conversation.

This conversation will be one of the most powerful conversations of your life, regardless if Uprising is a fit for you.

To get your conversation scheduled: 

1. Click the button.
2. Answer a few questions so we can hit the ground running.
3. And choose a time on our calendar that works for you.

Click or Hit the “I Want to Be” Button Above And We’ll Talk With You To Explore If You’re A Good Fit.

My 100% NO BS Guarantee

I guarantee you’ll walk away with the biggest shift of your entire adult life. By transforming you from a stuck and struggling Limited Self into the Soul in Control you were designed to be.

If after the 4 days, you feel you haven’t received even one “life-altering breakthrough” that could potentially change your life and business practically overnight…

And if you feel you didn’t receive what we’re promising on this page…

Then I’ll Refund Your Investment, Every Penny.

After you complete the experience, if you’re not happy, then I’m not happy and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it right.

Now, the likelihood of this happening is VERY low.

But the reason why I can have such a strong guarantee is because I KNOW when you’re in the room at Uprising 9 and you’re playing full-out…

You can’t help but experience breakthrough after breakthrough…All rewiring your nervous system and giving you NEW tools and insights that you can apply to create the life and business you’ve always wanted…

However, I must warn you…

This Event Is Highly Limited!

We only let 15 people attend Uprising at a time and we only do 2-4 events a year.

This isn’t to create false urgency or scarcity…

It’s to ensure we create transformation for those who choose to go all in on themselves.

We take this event seriously because we take your life and your results serious.

So if you are planning on attending, then you need to act NOW.
Once the spots are taken, then that’s it…they’re gone for good until we choose the date for the next event (and we don’t know when that is).

I would hate for you to miss out.

Especially knowing you could receive the single, greatest bit of transformation during those 4 incredible days that has the potential of transforming your entire life and business overnight!

When you act now, you secure a conversation with Jonathan so you can feel safe knowing without a doubt that Uprising will be one of the events you’ll look back on and say…

“That event was hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Now’s the time to act…

Ready to Level-Up

Your Life and Business and Get the Freedom, Fulfillment and Happiness You Deserve?

Then Click or Hit the “Yes! I Want In” Button Below and Get A Call Scheduled to See If Uprising Is a Fit For You!

Now, if you’re already sold and ready to go, then great! Go ahead and hit the red “Yes! I Want In!” Button now and secure your conversation with one of our team members to explore being 1 of the 15 in historic Fort Worth, Texas.

However, if you’re still on the fence, then keep reading…

Experience Four Jam-Packed Days of Real,
Lasting Transformation

So You Can Finally Have the Life and Business of Your Dreams!

Curious What Uprising Looks Like?

Check Out Some of Our Highlights From The Last 4 Years to See What You Can Expect!

Apply For Your Spot Now.

15 Spots Available. Only 14 Left!

You are either going to rise above and use the uncertainty of everything around you to fuel your greatness and your future...

Or you are going to succumb to the doubt and fear, stay in reaction mode or wait for “one day” for things to go back to normal. 

I believe you were born for such a time as this…and you truly want to become the very best version of yourself. 

The new reality of the world is one of immense uncertainty, change and fear.

And it's only going to get harder unless...you're one of the few who do the inner work to come out ahead.

Now isn’t the time to shrink.

Stall out.

Play small.

Or make excuses. 

Your loved ones need you to step into your love.

Your greatness.

Your power.

Your calling.

They need you to be the best you possible for what’s to come.

And so does the rest of the world. 

For such a time as this...you’ve been called to a higher purpose. 

To lead with power, compassion and certainty. 

And to create extraordinary out of the uncertainty, chaos and pain.

Which is why you need to act RIGHT NOW.

Once the spots for Uprising are taken, they are taken.
We only let 15 people attend at at time.

Only those who learn how to convert the stresses and pressures of life into fuel will be in control of their life and business moving forward.

Most people will be left struggling in the storms of life.

That’s why I urge you to apply for your spot right now…

Be one of the few who learns how to integrate and transform your deepest unconscious programming to serve you.

So that no matter what happens in your life…

…you are - the Soul in Control.

Thanks again, and we’re so excited to talk with you and see you at the event!

P.S. Still deciding whether or not to attend Uprising 9, it comes down to this…

This isn’t just about learning more information…this is about BECOMING who you need to BE, so you can create the CHANGES you want in your own special way.

I believe you have a God-given gift - and our goal is to equip you with the strategies, tools, mindsets and Ways of Being to unleash the the gift of YOU into the world.

Because I know when YOU shine, your entire world starts reflecting your awesomeness back at you.

Come join us at Uprising 9.

At least have a conversation about it.
Apply For Your Spot Now to Learn More About This Life-Changing Experience.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Days Does This Event Take Place On?
We’ve found Thursdays through Sundays work best for this event. The event kicks off on Thursday at 9am.
What Is The Daily Schedule?
The daily schedule changes day to day. Jonathan and AJ work with the participants to create the specific results they desire. Whether it’s in your relationships, your career, your family or overall quality of life, they will guide you to the results.

They have a specific four phase process they follow, but it ebbs and flows to ensure each person walks away with massive breakthroughs. So just trust their process.
What Are The Dates?
February 9th-12th.
Where Is It Being Held?
This event is held at a beautiful 117 acre estate in Fort Worth, Texas.
What Happens During the Event?
Jonathan and AJ use a blend of Talk Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, NLP, Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, Breath work, Meditation and Ancient Wisdom to create an experiential learning experience that shifts who you are at your Core. They provide a safe space for you to explore some of your deepest, darkest alleys of your identity. They guide you to experience a depth of love you’ve never felt before.

Day one is all about aligning with the real truth of where you are at and where you want to go. Day two is all about diving into wounds that are holding you back and finding healing. Day three is about integrating love and communication techniques to create more presence and connection with yourself and those you love. Day four is about all creating clear plan for you to create a renewed and meaningful life.
What Specific Results Can I Expect to Walk Away With?
This event will change the way you deal with your kids, wife, family members, employees and other team members. It will teach you how to be present every day with those you love. You’ll get over the stuff that’s been holding you back your entire life.

Ultimately, you’ll leave this event feeling a level of freedom you’ve never felt before. A depth of love for yourself and others, that you’ve only read about. And a certainty to create more cash, without working so hard.
How Do I Register?
You must apply to talk with Jonathan to see if you qualify. Since this event is limited to 15 people, we are very selective on who we let in because we always ensure the group will be full of synergy and support.

So in order to secure your spot for this event, you must complete a short application, schedule a time to talk with our team and during that call you will make a decision to make an investment to attend. Payment plans are available if needed.
Is It Refundable?
Yes. However, you must complete all the experiences through the 4 day event and you must play full-out. The work at this event can get intense. As a result, in order to ensure you get results, you must be fully committed to showing up and doing the work at this event. We have a 100% success rate for those who complete the experience and we are fully committed to guiding you to the results you want.

This is why we have you apply so we can talk with you to ensure you’re a good fit and that we can get you the results you want. We also know if you come into this experience looking for an out, when things get hard at the event you may take the easy out.

We are committed to guiding you to your potential. As a result, we create a space that is loving, yet direct. We will guide you to the results you seek.
Where Do I Stay At?
You stay at the home where the event is held. Each participant has their own bed. We take great pride in creating a world class experience. Based on the people who attend, we assign rooms to each person.

We always room men with men and women with women.
What Should I Wear?
Active wear. You will want to be comfortable for this event. You will be active and up and moving around. So wear active wear that is comfortable.
What Type of Food Should I Bring?
None. We provide a fully catered breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have a world class chef who prepares vegan and raw food meals. If you have dietary restrictions, our team will talk with you about this during your Application Call.

If you don’t like vegan and raw food, you will by the end of this event. We find that this type of food creates the best results for this type of event because you will be doing deep, hard work.

By having great nutritional, easy to digest food in your stomach, your body can use more of its processing power to integrate healing and breakthroughs rather than working to digest heavy food.
Will There Be a Shuttle To Pick Me Up From the Airport?
No. You will be responsible for getting to and from the Airport. Uber and Lyft work great in getting you to and from the location of this event.
What Items Should I Bring?
Just yourself, an open mind and heart, a sleeping bag, yoga mat and active wear.
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